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Our mission is to increase ownership across the world. Business ownership is the most reliable way for people to work themselves up to where they want to be from where they are today. We use ownership to remove the socioeconomic barriers to the freedom and self determination that all humans require and deserve. Read our full mission.

STARTER HIGH - We teach you now.

High schools are fast becoming Venmo economies, with students making money from selling lightly-used clothes, tutoring services, jewelry, etc. Teens are naturally entrepreneurial in their thinking and Starter High meets them where they are to take them to the next step.

Tech entrepreneur Brian Hamilton taught more than 12,000 students, in person, in 2019. Through Starter High’s online format, the sky is the limit. Join Hamilton and teen entrepreneurs featured in Starter High to learn how you can start your own business now.


Have you earned money mowing a lawn or babysitting a neighbor’s kid? If so, you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Hamilton started a lawn-mowing service when he was in middle school and grew it into a landscaping company when he was in high school. He used the revenues to go to a local college. Starter High gives you the pointers you need.

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